Artist Melita Curphy (aka Miss Monster) is currently taking pre-orders for her Hawgmaw - Blank Version.  The 7-inch tall figure is cast in solid urethane. It will be cast in gray and unpainted (there will be other color versions available). You can pre-order one now for $65.00.

Hawgmaw. What do you think of when you hear that word? If it's wrinkly, scaley, portly porcine trouble then you are on the right track. Hawgmaws are like a cross between a boar, an alligator, a bunny and a rude old uncle. They tell dirty jokes in front of polite company ( perfect for shaking up a holiday encounter with uptight relatives ) they don't bathe, and they eat whatever they want, when they want. Are you still working on that plate of fries? Well, forget it because your Hawgmaw will polish them off without asking. If you can handle a little chaos, Hawgmaws are also great pals to have around. Having no understanding of social boundaries doesnt mean they can't be great friends too! Open your home to a Hawgmaw today and well....hide your valuables first.


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