Peter Weller has the distinction of playing two of the most iconic cult characters of the 1980’s. Yes…I’m talking about Buckaroo Banzai and Alex Murphy aka RoboCop.

Released in 1987, RoboCop was directed by Paul Verhoeven and featured the likes of Nancy Allen, Kurtwood Smith, and Miguel Ferrer in supporting roles. Set in a dystopian Detroit, the main character – police officer Murphy – is transformed into the cyborg RoboCop after nearly being killed by a gang led by Smith’s Clarence Boddicker.

Following the somewhat unexpected popularity of the initial film, fans were treated to a film franchise including two sequels (only one starring Weller), a television series, a television miniseries, two animated television series, and even a reboot of the film franchise. Of course, all of that popularity led to a number of collectible tie-ins.

RoboCop toys have been available for nearly 30 years, and with Hot Toys recent 1/6th scale releases, it doesn’t appear like they’ve lost any steam. The company has recently released five different sixth scale pieces: ED209; Diecast Talking RoboCop (also a version with a Mechanical Chair); RoboCop Battle Damaged Version; Battle Damaged Version and Alex Murphy Set. For this review, thanks to Sideshow Collectibles, we’re looking at the RoboCop Battle Damaged Version.

Since I already purchased the Diecast Robocop, I wanted to compare them. I noticed a few differences. First off, both figures use the same body. So if you take off the chest plate of the Battle Damaged version, it appears there’s a speaker in the chest. There’s not. And while the Diecast Version only features RoboCop in his half helmet, the Battle Damaged Version only features RoboCop with his helmet removed. Of course, then there’s the heft and shine of a diecast figure compared to one made of plastic.


The Battle Damaged RoboCop incudes three weapons: a heavy rifle, pistol, and a diecast pistol. The diecast pistol is meant to be stored in RoboCop’s working thigh holster (the holster does open up out of his leg). The rifle is the one Boddicker’s gang used in their assault on RoboCop that took place in the abandoned steel mill. Both that and the plastic pistol can be held using the pair of hands with moveable fingers. I’m not sure why, as I wouldn’t use them, but there are a pair of fists that you can swap out.


The other accessory you get is baby food…and there are three jars of the stuff. As you might recall, RoboCop could only consume baby food. He also conducted target practice on the jars of Baby Maid.


This version of RoboCop is based on the character following his big battle scene. So as you can see from the sculpt and paint, he’s in pretty rough shape. There’s oil, blood, bullet holes, wires, and dents adorning his once pristine armor. Also, you get to see Murphy’s face minus his iconic mask. The sculpting work showing off Peter Weller’s damaged half-face (and half-robot head) is excellent.


You get all sorts of amazing details such as the veins in Murphy’s head, the bluish hue around his eyes, and the myriad of wires running around and into his head. I can see why the price point on this figure is much higher than some others produced by Hot Toys.


At $294.99, you’re looking at a fairly large investment. The Diecast Talking RoboCop runs only $5.00 more. And that version includes a remote, cycles through six movie quotes, and has multiple chest plates, helmets, and lower face pieces.

It’s a difficult decision. One version shows off the iconic character, while the other is a prime example of Hot Toys’ superior sculpting abilities. It really comes down to whether you like RoboCop with or without his helmet on.

The Facts


RoboCop (Battle Damaged Version)
Series: Movie Masterpiece Series
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Authorized Likeness: Peter Weller as RoboCop
Dimensions: 1/6th Scale
Points of Articulation: 25+ points
Outfit: Black, light grey, and silver armor with heavy battle damaged effect and a working thigh holster
Accessories: Rifle; Pistol; Diecast Pistol; Three jars of baby food; Hexagonal figure stand with RoboCop nameplate and movie logo; Pair of hands with moveable fingers; Pair of fists; Right fist with bloody spike
Pricing: $294.99

You can pick one up at the following: 

Sideshow Collectibles: $294.99


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