Krampus for Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game


Bailey Records is taking pre-orders through December 14th 2015 at 8AM EST for their new Krampus minifigure for use in Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown.  

Krampus is a dark-haired kaijin with cloven hooves, horns of a goat, and a long, pointed tail. Alpine region legends say that when Krampus finds a naughty child, he stuffs the child in his pack and carries the child away to his lair to devour for Christmas dinner. After the Rift, Krampus has occasionally appeared and is blamed for various disappearances and abductions.

Sculpted by Bryan K Borgman (aka Stratos) and produced by Acheson Creations, the piece stands about 1.65 inches in height.  Krampus will be available a variety of colors including: gamer gray, blood red, evergreen, purple, brown, Kickstarter yellow and snow white. He'll be available for $8.00 per figure plus $4.00 shipping USA ($14.00 for international)


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