After years in the making, Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series has come to Kickstarter. The campaign, created by The Fwoosh, has a few days left in order to raise funds to produce a line of high quality ninja action figures that will fit in with your six-inch collection. The actual figures have already been fully prototyped by Gentle Giant Studios. And they've introduced a few different figures as well as a number of stretch goals.

Depending on your pledge level, you could pick up either the above pictured Red or Black Basic Ninja for $35.00. The Deluxe Ninjas (White or Black) that are shown below are available at the $50.00 level. And there are a number of other funding levels that will allow you to build an army of 6-inch tall ninjas.

The project has already surpassed a fairly lofty funding goal of $160,000 and will be funded on Wednesday, October 7th 2015 at 10PM EDT. That's the day the Kickstarter campaign closes.

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