It is time to finally find out WHAT’S IN THE BOX? John Doe has instructed GOOD FOR YOU TOYS to deliver 40 sequentially numbered non-action custom carded mystery boxes to collectors. Each box has been hand made and assembled in their SoCal sweatshop to John's demanding specifications. But wait, that is not all. John Doe likes to play games, so the back of the card features an interactive scratch off game, and if you choose to destroy your one of a kind card, one lucky owner will win a secret special prize! What could it be? Enlightenment? Answers? Resin treats? Who knows… Follow the rules if you choose, and scratch away.

Fans of Se7en or Seven might think they know what's in the box. Though I'm pretty sure it's not an action figure sized recreation of Gwyneth Paltrow's head. You'll be able to order What's In The Box? on Tuesday September 22nd 2015 at 7PM PT. The limited edition of 40 pieces will sell for $45.00 plus shipping


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