Kidrobot and Warner Bros. have announced that they're teaming up to release a full capsule based on the classic animated series - Looney Tunes.

“Between the years of 1930 -1968, a small ramshackle structure hidden in the very back of the Warner Bros. studio lot unleashed a cavalcade of riot and delight upon an unsuspecting world. Looney Tunes was unlike anything ever made before or since. Kidrobot is proud to present a full cast of your favorite cartoon heroes and anti-heroes from Bugs to Pepe LePew for your collecting pleasure.” said Frank Kozik, Creative Director of Kidrobot, on the creation of the Looney Tunes capsule.


The capsule will include a 3-inch Blind Box Mini Series, a Looney Tunes Keychain Series, and a Limited Edition Mark Dean Veca Tweety Bird Art Toy. The full capsule will launch in stores and online at beginning in January 2016.


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