Rich Page of UME Toys has announced that beginning in October 2015, he will be teaching a class at entitled Designer Toy Creation. He'll be producing an interactive online class for those who are interested in learning how to create their own designer toys. Designer Toy Creation will be offered via Mold3D Academy, an online resource for designers interested in digital fabrication that has been focusing on educational programs for the past several years. This is a one of a kind class that promises to teach you how to design, sculpt, cast, mold and finish your custom toy. Alongside this, Richard will explain how to market and grow your toy brand.

Registration begins (via the above link) on August 31st 2015, and the 10-week course runs from October 5th through December 13th. The course will run $750, with an early registration discounted amount of $699 available until September 7th 2015.


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