Expanding on his Beats Series of resin minifigures, Canadian artist Patrick Wong has revealed the latest addition - Beats Series Part 5 - entitled ASR-X. This version of the resin figure will include a toy record accessory of the Headhunters "Survival of the Fittest" LP.

The series is primarily aimed for music production enthusiasts to mark the evolution of sampling technology as resin collectible art. This release is inspired by the actual sampling drum machine of the same name released in 1997 (1998 for the Pro red model). The ASR-X originally entered the marketplace poised as a "MPC-Killer" and competed directly with Akai's flagship MPC 3000. Although failing to capture the title in the end, the ASR-X was a notable groove production tool with easy sequencing, resampling, digital effects, and a built-in set of low/high pass filters.

You can pre-order the figure through September 12th 2015. This is a made to order figure, priced at $35.00 each (either Black or Red variants). They can be bought through the artist's webshop, with orders shipping by the end of September 2015.

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