ESC-Toy has returned with a new Kickstarter project featuring another character from the hit video game Hotline Miami. Following up on their recently shipped Jacket figure, Biker is the next character who will hopefully be transformed into 1/6th scale.  

Biker receives similar phone calls and incentives as Jacket, but things go awry when he tries to pull out of the group. After initially joining 50 Blessings out of boredom, Biker has no issues with killing mobsters, but wants out when he begins searching for the truth behind the hit group. Armed with a cleaver and throwing knives, Biker gets involved in a confrontation with Jacket, forcing Jacket to take him down or risk getting killed himself.

The figure stands 12-inches tall and comes with two removable heads (Biker helmet and unmasked Biker), two removable vests, a pair of jeans, removable boots, a meat cleaver, a set of three throwing knives, and a signature Hotline Miami doll stand. The figure is available beginning at the $80.00 funding level. Also, there are several other limited edition colorways available beginning at the $175.00 level.

If the first figure is any indication of this one, you'll want to be a part of it. This project will only be funded if at least $55,000 is pledged by .


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