I’m of the persuasion that the superior Marvel Studios produced films are those distributed by Disney. Part of it is that more of the characters I like are in those films. There are also less reboots. And I feel they do a much better job holding their segment of the Marvel Universe together cohesively.

It just so happened that my two favorite films from the Marvel Universe were both released in 2014 – Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There were some stark contrasts between the two. Guardians had a good number of laughs in it…while The Winter Soldier felt like their first real traditional all-out “action film”.


Like all of the Marvel superhero films, we’ve seen a large number of licensed toy products. One of those companies that consistently gives collectors high-quality 1/6th scale toys is Hot Toys. And Hot Toys released six toys based on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier. One of those, which we’re reviewing here thanks to Sideshow Collectibles, is the 1/6th scale Winter Soldier.

In the film, the Winter Soldier – formerly known as Bucky Barnes – was portrayed by actor Sebastian Stan. Now, Stan isn’t a household name with truly recognizable face, but it looks like Hot Toys has nailed the likeness. Actually, a pair of portraits are included here: one without a mask and with black around the eyes; one with the lower face mask and removable goggles.


There are a number of accessories included as well…mostly weapons. You get three pistols (each can be holstered on his body), a submachine gun (can be holstered on his back), a machine gun, and a remote bomb launcher (those have to be in his hands). There are pouches for two daggers, a spike, and a pair of grenades. You also get nine interchangeable hands and a figure stand.

The clothing looks great, as well. He’s wearing a black, faux-leather jacket (minus one sleeve – so he can show off the bionic arm), black pants, and black boots. There are numerous straps and holsters twisting and turning around his waist and torso. I do appreciate it when you can actually display most of the included accessories with the figure. I’m not a huge fan of having to make decisions as to what accessories I pack back up in the box.


So while there are a good deal of accessories and an alternate portrait, is it worth the $239.99 price tag? I’d say it’s on the higher side of Hot Toys’ 1/6th scale figures that don’t have something special (lights, diecast, large accessories, etc). Of course, it might just be that the high-end 1/6th scale market continues to creep up as far as pricing.


I recently picked up the Sideshow Exclusive Marty McFly from Hot Toys. It was loaded with accessories – backpack, skateboard, Walkman, camcorder, sunglasses. The exclusive version even came with a 1/6th scale guitar. And it was priced at what I thought was a semi-reasonable $224.99. Even though I really want to like the figure, the skin tone makes young Michael J. Fox look like he’s severely ill (He has a dark tan look to him).

Why does a figure with a ton of accessories sell for $15 less than one with an average number? It definitely could be the clothing or the inclusion of an additional head. I’m sure Hot Toys has it down…or else they wouldn’t be in business as long as they have been.

The Facts

Winter Soldier
Series: Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Sculpted by: Kojun
Authorized Likeness: Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier
Material: Articulated plastic figure
Dimensions: 12-inches tall
Points of Articulation: Over 30 points
Outfit: Black leather-like top with embossed pattern; Pair of black pants with holster; Black belt with pouches; Pair of black boots
Accessories: Sculpted head with authorized likeness of Sebastian Stan; Interchangeable masked head; Pair of fists; Pair of relaxed hands; Pair of hands for holding weapons; Pair of open hands; Machine gun; Remote bomb launcher; Submachine gun; Spike with sheath; Two daggers; Two grenades; Three pistols; Pair of goggles; Figure stand with Winter Solider and movie logo
Pricing: $239.99

You can pick this figure up at the following:

Sideshow Collectibles: $239.99


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