It all started when a 53’ trailer carrying 1,800 cases of canned soda pop was headed south on Bubble Blvd. and the driver lost control, crashing into Plush and Lush Toy Company.

But what has the town talking is what happened to the toys. Residents report that — miraculously — the formerly soft, cuddly stuffed animals appear to have transformed.

According to Carbonation Toys, this is the creation story for their FizzKids line. The FizzKids is a series of six solid vinyl figures. Each one is contained within its own aluminum can style packaging. 

The can is about the size of your favorite carbonated beverage. It features a little pop cap on the top as well as nutritional facts on the cardboard tube can. Inside of the can exterior, there’s a clear plastic capsule where the figure resides. It’s one of the more unique packaging designs that I’ve seen over the past 10 years of reviewing toys.


There are six different figures in the FizzKids Series 1. Each figure/character has it’s own corresponding carbonated beverage flavor. There’s Alien Limeade (Alien), Bone Crusher Root Beer (Boy), Cranked Cola (Cat), Rummy Cola (Rat), Vicious Dog Sparkling Water (Dog), and Zombie Juice (Zombie).


I like the variety that Carbonation Toys has chosen for this series: Cat, Dog, Rat, Zombie, Human, and Alien. (The standouts – in my opinion – are the Cat and the creepy little kid) But I also like that the sculpts are so varied. Maybe it’s that I’m so used to seeing platform toys in this scale.


One thing about the sculpting…the figures are static…err…lacking any articulation. So the line is more for display than playing with. I would try to find some way to display the figure with the packaging, since I feel that’s what makes the FizzKids so unique. Without the soda can…they’re just any other collectible. But that can is what gives the line such a great backstory.


Things to look out for: On a few of the figures, I did notice that some of the paint rubbed off against the sides of the capsule. You can see the impact on the nose of the Vicious Dog Sparkling Water.

The Facts

Manufacturer: Carbonation Toys
Material: Solid plastic
Dimensions: Between 3” and 4” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: Alien Limeade (Alien); Bone Crusher Root Beer (Boy); Cranked Cola (Cat); Rummy Cola (Rat); Vicious Dog Sparkling Water (Dog); Zombie Juice (Zombie)
Pricing: $14.99 each ($80.95 set)

You can pick them up at the following: $14.99 each ($80.95 for the set of 6)



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