Javier Jimenez has added a $10,000 stretch goal for his Wananeko vinyl Indiegogo campaign. He will make vinyl guts for the Wananeko...a clear soft vinyl figure so you see the crazy organs inside. These guys will apparently be sculpted, so as soon as Javier receives the first vinyl figures...he'll start sculpting the guts to be produced in vinyl.

When they are done, a first clear with guts edition of Wananeko will be produced and offered first to those who backed this project, no matter what reward they chose. Backers will be able to get this version for $50 plus shipping, while the retail price for everybody else will be $75 , and I will contact every backer via email to ask if you are interested in purchasing it. Please keep in mind that this will happen after the vinyl figure is made so the November estimate does not apply for this, and it might be ready by the end of the year. 

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