From a time before time, the villains of myth and the heroes of legend have returned to continue a savage battle that will determine the future of humanity.

With barbaric kingdoms, led by power hungry animals in the form of men preparing to conquer the earth, mankind must place it's hope in the lion Thufur Asa'Yid, The Sword of Krix!

As ancient armies equipped with advanced science and technology erupt from underneath the earth all over the world who can stop ..

The Rise Of The Beasts!

The Rise of the Beasts is a new line of 1980’s inspired mini figures in the same vein as Battle Beasts. And like several other contemporary lines that have been influenced by Battle Beasts, these feature Onell Design’s Glyos joints. That means you can switch out all of the parts and pieces with other toy lines that similarly feature the Glyos joints.


To date, there have been two characters released – the African Rhinoceros and the Emperor Scorpion. Depending on the paint and color scheme, the character has a different name. And in addition to painted versions of these two guys, there are also a few unpainted ones that nearly cut the price in half.


Speaking of price, they sell for $7.00 per painted figure and $4.00 per unpainted. I’d probably go the painted route as the added personality you get from one of the painted figures far outweighs the $3.00 extra you’ll need to pony up.

And as you can see, the sculpting details really pop out with the addition of the paint. Also, the figures have been sculpted so that they can hold accessories. While there aren't accessories produced for the line or provided with the figures, I'd try out of similar scale weapons with the Rise of the Beasts guys.


The Facts

Rise of the Beasts
Series: Rise of the Beasts
Manufacturer: Plastic Imagination
Material: PVC plastic
Dimensions: Approximately 2.5” tall
Points of Articulation: Rhino – 4 (neck, waist, arms); Scorpion – 5 (neck, waist, tail, arms)
Pricing: Painted - $7.00; Unpainted - $4.00

You can purchase them at the following:

LittleRubberGuys: Painted - $7.00; Unpainted - $4.00



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