Arizona-based artist Nerviswr3k has teamed up with New Jersey-based designer toy store/art gallery SubUrban Vinyl to release the first production piece from both artist and shop. Named Inner Child, the rotocast vinyl figure features some of the workings most common to Nerviswr3k’s customs – especially those sharp, pronounced teeth.


The 4-inch tall vinyl will be released in at least three colorways: Red – Retailers; Green – SubUrban Vinyl Exclusive; Blue – Tenacious Toys Exclusive. Each version is limited to a run of 125 pieces, definitely putting it in the more limited edition category.

For being the first production piece from SubUrban Vinyl, it’s a very impressive designer toy. Heck…it would be impressive for a company that’s produced 10 or 20 figures. And when you consider the waning genre of true designer vinyl, this might be one of the best pieces released in the past two or three years.

The Inner Child combines excellent and intricate sculpting work with some nice painting. I like the weathered look that’s created with the addition of the black paint on the body. And around the face, a spot where many good toys go bad, you don’t have any glop or bleeding of the various paint colors.

It’s definitely a piece to display in your collection. It’s not likely that you or the kids will want to be playing with it. Some of the teeth are pretty sharp and I found the arms somewhat difficult to turn. Usually I give up easily due to the number of arms, legs, and fingers I’ve broken off. Sometimes I feel like I’m the Luca Brasi of toys…coming to collect on debts.

Since the figure’s name is Inner Child, I’m assuming the message we’re supposed to take away from this vinyl is that we’re seeing the inner child of this otherwise ugly looking monster. Either that…or this thing ate a little kid…or he’s one of those insane Cosplay kids. All three elicit very different emotions. But I guess you can just read the back of the packaging and take away whatever you want from it.


The Facts

Inner Child
Manufacturer: SubUrban Vinyl
Artist: Nerviswr3k
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Dimensions: 4” tall
Points of Articulation: 2 (Arms)
Edition Size: 125 pieces
Pricing: $45.00

You can pick one up at the following: $45.00



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