Modern Brick Warfare produces custom designed LEGO accessories as well as custom printing on LEGO figures and kits that use all new original LEGO blocks to create Modern Brick Warfare designed vehicles. They recently sent us one of those kits – the World War II inspired Willy’s Jeep – to check out.


This specific kit features over 110 brand new LEGO pieces as well as instructions on how to put it all together. There are programs out there that let you digitally design a LEGO model, making it perfect to design an object such as this Jeep.


In addition to the original LEGO pieces, there are some customs from Modern Brick Warfare. You get a .50 CAL Machine Gun with 2 ammo cans for it, a custom World War 2 American Soldier minifigure armed with a 1911 colt pistol and a M1 Garand rifle, and a custom built gas can. Other LEGO accessories include a backpack, shovel, and pickaxe.


Having a 3 and 4 year old, I’ve had to put together a lot of LEGO sets. And I might have picked up the Ecto-1 and the Back to the Future DeLorean sets for myself. But it seems as soon as I put one together, my kids turn into destructive kaiju whose only goal is to violently destroy the fruits of my labor. Luckily, I was able to keep Willy’s Jeep away from them for long enough to take photos.


It was a challenging build…but not impossible. The end result is a Jeep with an adjustable windshield that seats four total minifigures. You can throw two in the front and two in the back, in case you want to invite Batman, a princess, and a guy dressed as a hot dog along. And there’s even room for a spare tire in the back…since there’s always a chance of a LEGO blowout.


If you’re unaware, there’s a large group of LEGO customizers who produce high-end customs, accessories, and kits. For example, this kit from Modern Brick Warfare includes a custom minifigure. It’s digitally printed on a new, blank figure. Then you add in the helmet and a handful of guns and you get a LEGO toy that the folks at LEGO aren’t going to produce…but you might likely want.


So with a kit like Willy’s Jeep, you have to look at two things. The first is the custom build instructions - in this case it's Modern Brick Warfare's Jeep that’s assembled using new, original LEGO pieces. Secondly, there’s all of the custom accessories - the custom printed figure, helmet, and all of those custom weapons.

The Facts

World War II – Willy’s Jeep
Manufacturer: LEGO and Modern Brick Warfare
Designed by: Kenneth Rigdon
Material: LEGO and custom accessories
Accessories: .50 CAL Machine Gun with 2 ammo cans; 1911 colt pistol; M1 Garand rifle; Custom built gas can; Backpack; Shovel; Pickaxe
Pricing: $34.95

You can pick one up at the following:

Modern Brick Warfare: $34.95



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