Argo-Tuttz-Atlantis-1Argonaut Resins will be opening pre-order of the all new 8-inch Extreme YinYang Tuttz cat customs in their online store tonight (March 26th 2015) at 9PM ET. These customs will feature the Extreme black and white theme and will be limited to only 10 pieces worldwide, retailing for $165.00 shipped in the USA. Also included in the release will be a matching YinYang Tuttz resin magnet, a full set of the Muertos die-cut vinyl stickers, three all new Yin Yang Tuttz stickers and a blind bagged signed 2.5-inch by 3-inch original art sketch card from artist creator Eric Nocella Diaz.

Also going into the store will be a one of a kind Extreme Yin Yang Kings of Atlantis custom skull painted by creator/sculptor/artist Eric Nocella Diaz. This skull was made to match the 8-inch Tuttz in the black and white colorway and only one will be available and will retail at $175.00 shipped in the USA.

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