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Artist Javier Jimenez has unveiled his IndieGoGo fundraiser campaign, which attempts to raise funds to produce his Wananeko character in sofubi.

Vinyl Wananeko

Following its initial release, a number of fans asked Javier why it was made in resin instead of sofubi. They all thought Wananeko would look better in sofubi, and the artist agreed. So Javier made a few changes and improvements to keep the design new, yet similar to the original character. 

Custom Wananeko

Wananeko will be 5.9-inches tall with 5 points of articulation and interchangeable hands - including a parasite-like gun called the Ghost Blaster. The sofubi figure will be available in three versions: Original Colorway (factory painted - $70), DIY White ($50) and a Clear Pink ($55) exclusive to IndieGoGo.

Rewards also include the Baby Version of Wananeko, whose resin version will be an IndieGoGo exclusive. There will also be resin customs painted by Javier and artists Candie Bolton and Mark Nagata. He'll also be announcing new stretch goals and even

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