The Sea Ghost was first seen in Jay Piscopo’s The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli. Created by Piscopo, who both authored and illustrated the comic, The Sea Ghost was last seen in his very own comic book - The Sea Ghost #1: Sea Ghost in the Machine. The 36-page comic retails for $3.99 at your favorite comic shop.


In addition to his return in The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli – Volume 3, which will be released in March 2015, The Sea Ghost is now available as a Mego-style action figure. That 8-inch tall action figure runs $20.00 and comes packaged in a plastic clamshell case. (Unfortunately…I wasn’t able to get a photo of that case before I ripped into it with my canine teeth).

The action figure is a good representation of The Sea Ghost character as shown in the comic book. He is a little bit limited by the Mego-ish body (I so dislike Mego wrists). For example, his feet resemble hooves in the comic, but the figure has regular human feet…albeit bleached white feet. Oh…and that white body is slightly visible underneath the stretched bodysuit. Thank goodness his name isn’t Anatomically Correct Sea Ghost.


I was going to comment on the color of Sea Ghost’s face…and by writing this, I obviously am commenting on it. While it looks blue-green on the action figure – a lot greener than seen throughout the comic book - it actually does match up with the version of The Sea Ghost as presented on the rear of The Sea Ghost #1 comic.


When I heard about (and then saw) The Sea Ghost character, my first thoughts were that this guy is the bastard son of Star Wars’ Expanded Universe character Grand Admiral Thrawn. The blue face? Dead giveaway. He was obviously raised by Aquaman, who allowed his adopted son to glide through the 1990’s watching episodes of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Or…at least…that’s how I saw it in my mind.


The Space Ghost is the 14th Mego-style action figure produced by Nemo Publishing/Nemo Toys. It joins a number of toys from the Commander X series. Unlike several of those, The Sea Ghost doesn’t have any weapons. Apparently, premature greying combined with a badass seahorse logo are the only super powers this guy needs.

The Facts

The Sea Ghost
Manufacturer: Nemo Toys
Artist: Jay Piscopo
Sculpted by: Paul "Dr Mego" Clarke
Material: Plastic Mego-style action figure
Dimensions: 8” tall
Outfit: Black and white bodysuit
Pricing: $20.00

Pick one up at the following: $20.00


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