Mikie Graham unveiled his Dunny Haunted House at his Designer Con booth this past year. And now it's available for you to purchase from Zombiemonkie.com for $2,500.00.


The custom comes with one full set of 18 hand-painted Dunny mini-Monster figures. It features custom lighting effects wired to a custom programed Arduino board, with candle flicker, strobe lights, black lights, and normal LED. There's Black Lagoon Lake featuring a removable clear resin "water" top.  Also, it has a chain driven mechanism that pulls "Frank's" platform up and through the opening in the roof.

All of the monsters have magnets that allow them to easily attach to dozens of bases built throughout the house. A removable front door allows you to see inside the bowels of the haunted house. And it has custom made stained glass windows featuring holographic "haunted eyeballs". Both Vlad and Eric's rooms feature removable walls and doors for multiple display options, and Vlad's pile of skulls features menacing red glowing eyes. All of that on a carved antique wooden base.


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