On Wednesday January 28th 2015 at 4PM ET, the Disarticulators will be releasing their Marble Madness Lucky Bags. The release is set to feature a number of one-off marbled figures spanning the past two and a half years of Disarticulator releases, including guaranteed large (Rotten Tomato) and medium (Leucotomy Ball) sized figures as well as two standard scale keshi (from a choice of the Atomic Uchuujin, Lobsterman or Critter). Each one has been hand sculpted by Zectron and produced in a keshi-style rubber by Tru:Tek.

The Lucky Bags are limited to an edition of just 8 pieces, with each one selling for $100.00 plus shipping. There will also be a number of other figures available on the drop, including a new one-off marbled run of Strange Kids Club’s Screwballs. Limited to just 10 figures, they'll be priced at $35.00 plus shipping. They'll all be available at the Man-E-Toys store.


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