Funko has teased the above image and the below language regarding their upcoming Vinyl Idolz line.

Vinyl Sugar is the illegitimate love child between Funko and some of the best free-wheeling designers from the back streets of London, the boutiques of Harajuku, and the galleries in NYC. Vinyl Sugar - because you crave it!

Now...if you remember...last August I posted about - a great site that, among other things, produces 3D art versions of characters from popular and cult films. They started getting noticed when they dropped an image of Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead.

It looked so good that folks thought it was an upcoming vinyl toy (and let it be known they would buy one). I know I pleaded for it to be made. Well...wishes do come true and apparently this joint project will be debuting at Toy Fair 2015. 

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