Four new figures will be released over at BigManToys today (January 15th 2015) at 7PM ET. They're ringing in the new year with a cacophony of resurrected 5.5" resin chaos. 

Treegarr is back, with re-tooled joints, in 2 new color ways. Limited to 3 pieces of each - Bloodbound (clear resin coated with clear red high gloss paint), and Totally Toxic (neon green with purple accents, black washes, and Treegarr's classic glowing yellow eyes). They'll run $75.00 each.

The Golden-Axe inspired Chicken Leg mount is back, with it's first alternative colorway - Slime Green. This is limited to 3 pieces and will sell for $55.00 each. Moribund is back due to popular demand - after selling out in its original colorways of creepy green and bone white - in neon Punk Pink. It's limited to 3 pieces and priced at $60.00.

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