Drizzleshits is an out of this world ninja assassin from the Planet Brodarr. He uses his sharp talons to slice and dice (shhhh, don't say dice too loud), and his honey dripper to slow his prey down, and depending on the virtues of the outer shell, let's say human skin for instance, melt what it comes in contact with. The honey dripper goo is a little spicy.

Bwana Spoons - via GravyToys.com - is accepting pre-orders for his Drizzleshits Naked Glow version. It's currently available for $40.00, and if you get your order in before Friday, you'll get a signed and numbered Eyebora mascot. (Eyebora is a little two piece vinyl. He's somewhere between a micro and a mini in size.)

And here is how Bwana explains future releases of the Drizzleshits figure:

So this will work like a game where you can capture different Suns of Brodarr. We'll start with glow. Once we get 40 glow Drizzz orders. Rootbeer Drizzz will be unlocked. At 50 Orders, Glow Mystery Skinner figure will be unlocked (Yep, we are making a skinner figure. We will talk more about this in week two.), at 75 total pieces, Rootbeer Skinner figure is unlocked, and at 100 pieces we will unlock The Comet Debris figure in both Rootbeer and glow.


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