Scrambled-Wood-PackagingWhile Wood Candy Workshop has revealed the figures that will make up Scrambled Wood Series One, most other details have been a mystery. Well...they've now announced that each wooden toy will be individually bagged in a Muslin sack and boxed. There will be a mini card with a limited edition number included. And each toy is made from four hardwood species: Cherry, Walnut, Maple and Padauk. They are then finished with hardened oil shell and waxed (not sure what that is, but it sounds impressive).

The Exclusive Designer Con show pricing is as follow:

$189.00 for the set of four figures with a free tin of special formula wood wax. This deal is for the first 3 hours of the show on Saturday morning, then sets are $199.99 for the remainder of the show and wood wax is sold separately for $9.00 per tin. (Regular price for complete set is $249.00)

$49.00 for individual figures for the first three hours of the show on Saturday morning. Individual figures are $59.00 for the remainder of the show. (Regular price for individual figures is $69.00)

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