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DCon Leftover Errants


Uh Oh Toys has released their leftovers Errants from Designer Con 2014. The Clear Painted Tinsel Errants (pictured above) are made of clear Japanese vinyl with pink, blue, and orange sprays. They're filled with purple iridescent tinsel. The Antiqued Clear Errants (pictured below) are made of clear Japanese vinyl with black rub.

Both come bagged on a header card with a sticker. Errants measure approximately 2.5" tall and are made of three heads and three bodies that you can mix and match. Both versions are limited to 5 sets each. They can be purchased for $35.00 each.


Microbus “To The Mystic Mushroom Forest”


Tomenosuke has released the Microbus "To The Mystic Mushroom Forest" from Aya Kakeda for pre-order. Designed by Aya Kakeda and sculpted by Yohei Kaneko, the 6.5-inch tall sofubi is an addition of 50 pieces. It features PVC tires as well as removable characters (all of those little guys can pop right off). This translucent pink colorway is currently available to pre-order from Tomenosuke (linked above) for ¥11,500 (around $100.00).


1/6th Scale Lady Action (Classic Edition) Pre-Order


Go Hero is now offering up the Lady Action (Classic Edition) 1/6th scale figure for pre-order. A collaboration between Go Hero, Executive Replicas, and Phicen, this highly articulated figure is slated to begin shipping in Q1 of 2015. If you were at New York Comic Con 2014, it's likely that you caught a glimpse of the secret agent. Well, she's now available to pre-order for $144.99 plus shipping.

The British Bombshell, the best agent of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate’s UK division, is ready to right some wrongs, punish the guilty, and save the bloody world! For her, it’s just another day at the office.

Niki Sinclair, daughter of wealth and child of privilege, wasn’t satisfied with an endless stream of pointless parties punctuated by paparazzi.

Inspired by Captain Action, Niki studied and trained to become a top agent. And her infatuation wasn’t just a school girl crush. “I don’t want to date Captain Action’, she once said, “I want to BE Captain Action!”

Traveling the world with her gadgets and disguises, she finds her best weapons are her natural acting ability, fluency in seven languages and irresistible flirty wit. Her adventures have become a non-stop rollercoaster ride of infiltration the most evil plots and foiling evil-doers, ... All in the name of justice.

Get ready for Action ----- Lady Action

The Lady Action figure features the following:

  • Six interchangeable hands
  • Cap
  • Flame falchion
  • Automatic Pistol, Caliber 45, M1911
  • Leather belt
  • Cartridge clips
  • Bag for cartridge clip
  • Sheath
  • Holster
  • Upper outer garment
  • Leather mini skirt
  • Waistband
  • Stockings
  • High heeled kneeboots
  • Pedestal

Toy Break Episode 332: Sexy Superheroes!

Tanya Tate joins George and Ayleen for a new episode of Toy Break. Episode 332: Sexy Superheroes! features the new My Hero Toys line as well as Baby Skeletor, Gizmo, and much more.

UnAmerican Activity Show at TAG

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present UnAmerican Activity featuring works by Doktor A, Jon-Paul Kaiser, and Seymour Art. This custom toy exhibit showcases each international artist’s style and technique for transforming one object into another; from Victorian Futurist robots to graphic hard-edged black and white to vibrant detailed characters. An opening reception will take place on Friday, November 14th 2014 from 7PM to 10PM at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom. Doktor A and Jon-Paul Kaiser will be in attendance. The show runs through December 6th.

TAG | Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046 U.S.

Shosuke Underverse Hacker Release


3A Toys has announced that the Shosuke Underverse Hacker 1/6th scale figure, from the Tomorrow Kings series, will be available this Thursday November 13th 2014 at 8PM ET. These will be pre-made, which means no waiting months for delivery, and will be released in two batches at for $120.00.

Citizen Brick: Center for the Performing Arts


Citizen Brick, creator’s of last years infamous “Super Lab Play Set” (one of’s most controversial toys of 2013), raises or lowered the bar again with the release of the Citizen Brick: Center for the Performing Arts. Using hundreds of new LEGO Bricks (although definitely not a LEGO product), the Center for the Performing Arts includes: Four premium lego figures; DJ booth; Performance stage; Spinning pole; LED lighting; Hologram tiles; Leopard printed flooring.

The first wave is available now and will ship on November 28th 2014. It retails for $275.00. Apparently, you'll be responsible for building your own champagne room.


WeLoveFine’s Val and Beholder Vinyl

WeLoveFine has announced that the Val and Beholder Vinyl is now available to pre-order. The first Table Titans' (by Scott Kurtz) vinyl, Val the Barbarian. comes posed with a Dungeons & Dragons' Beholder. For those who pre-order, they'll also receive the exclusive Mimic piece that can be swapped out with the Beholder (shown in the photos above). The first 1,200 units are expected to ship late May 2015. And it's currently available to pre-order for $75.00.

Don’t break the Genetic Code


Genetic Code is a handmade resin figure from South Korean artist unbound25 (Huli Ryu). Currently available to pre - order, the 5.5-inch tall resin is a limited edition of 20 pieces. It includes both the Rough Bulldog and the Baby Bulldog and runs $180.00 plus shipping. To order one of the twenty, you'll need to send payment via PayPal to I'd probably go ahead and email before sending your cash willy-nilly.  The figures are then expected to be delivered 30 days after the payment is received.

Everyone would like to keep their childhoods’ innocence, but they are vulnerable in front of the reality. ‘Genetic Code’ stands for hereditary transmission that we, ‘humans,’ go through. We try to express the transmission by representing 2 bulldogs containing cute and rough images, respectively. For example, the ‘Adorable Baby Bulldog’ embodies our childhoods’ innocence which seems hard to be kept through time and tide. In other words, the innocence (the inner world) along with outward appearance is vulnerable to changes as we grow up. In short, this product is our expression of changes from innocence to roughness. As a matter of fact, this is a quite normal and natural phenomenon (whoever the one is), likely to heredity.


Star Wars: 1/6th scale Stormtroopers Collectible Figures Set


In addition to the individual 1/6th scale Stormtrooper figure, Hot Toys is offering up the Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope: 1/6th scale Stormtroopers Collectible Figures Set. Specially crafted based on the image of Stormtrooper in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the set has a few extras not available with the individual figure.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the set available to pre-order for $399.99. It's slated to begin shipping in August 2015.


Each 1/6th scale Stormtroopers figure features:

  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of relaxed hands
  • Pair of hands for holding weapons
  • Gesturing left hand
  • Stormtrooper armor
  • Black under suit
  • Stormtrooper belt with leather holster
  • Pair of white boots
  • Blaster rifle
  • Blaster pistol
  • Specially designed figure stand with Stormtrooper nameplate and movie logo
  • Heavy blaster (one per set)
  • Mouse Droid (one per set)