Goodleg Toys x Teptec Studios have produced and released the Bud Spencer Action Figure. Dropping for Bud’s 85th're probably wondering "Who the hell is Bud Spencer?"

Bud Spencer is an Italian actor who teamed up with fellow actor Terence Hill on over 20 films. Personally, I remember him from his work in spaghetti westerns. Specifically, there's the rather unique spaghetti western comedies - They Call Me Trinity and Trinity Is Still My Name.  

So Goodleg Toys joined up with Teptec Studios to produce a figure compatible with the classic Hasbro WWF figures. Their unofficial Bud Spencer action figure, named Bud “The Bomber” Graziano, is available to pre-order in both bagged ($70.00) and carded ($85.00) versions. You can also pick up a blank, unpainted figure ($45.00, bagged).


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