October Toys has announced the Kickstarter project to produce OMFG! Series 4. Like the previous OMFG! - Outlandish Mini Figure Guys! - series, you'll be able to get a set starting at the $12.00 pledge level. Plus, there's the Kickstarter exclusive black version and hand-painted OMFG! figures available.

OMFG Series 4 consists of five figures including:

  • Fossil Freak designed by Michael Stearns from and sculpted by George Gaspar
  • Wooly Wisp designed and sculpted by Billy Parker
  • Bullseye designed by (Raging Nerdgasm) Tom Khayos and Ana Bruja-Khayos and sculpted by George Gaspar
  • Tree Witched designed by MudMarox and sculpted by GormTransMonster
  • The Siren designed by Corey Webb and sculpted by George Gaspar

The project will be funded if at least $16,000 is pledged by Friday October 17th 2014 at 10:00 PM ET.

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