Science Patrol 1

Science Patrol has announced some details about several of their upcoming vinyl releases (all expected to be released later this month). All of these figures are made in Japan and are Japanese soft vinyl. They're produced and painted by Science Patrol.

The red lantern looking guy (left) is Monochochin. This is the red "Izakaya" colorway. The purple hat looking guy (middle) is Avalon. This is his standard colorway. And the gold coin looking guy (right) is Obakekoban. This is the solid gold colorway which is one of two standard colorways - the second being solid silver.

The story for these figures is that they are benevolent, albeit lonely, artifacts that have hung around unsold in a small recycle shop in Koenji for decades. At night they roam the city's various alleys and shotengai in hopes of befriending people, but just end up terrifying everyone they meet.

Science Patrol 3 Science Patrol 2 Science Patrol 4

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