BeeFy & Co. will be at Booth #5645 during San Diego Comic Con 2014. They will have a number of exclusives and new releases...listed below.

Beefy SDCC Earth Jade

Earth Jade Bad Bad Buddha
Limited Edition of 24 pieces
$188.00 each

Beefy SDCC Marvel Print

Marvel vs Titans
12" x 17" Giclee Print by BeeFy
Limited Edition of 25 pieces
$30.00 each

Beefy SDCC Piggipoo Print

Free Falling Bacon
12" x 12" Giclee Print by Ed He
Limited Edition of 40 pieces
$25.00 each

Beefy SDCC Unipoo Ryupoo

Unipoo, the magical and mystical unicorn
9 1/2” Plush
$25.00 each

5 1/2” Plush
$14.00 each

Beefy SDCC EQ Skyn Designs

5 Exclusive Skyns
Collaboration with Equilibrium USG
$25.00 each


BeeFy – All Day Every day
Zukie – Thursday and Friday 2PM to 3PM
Obscure – Friday Noon to 1:30PM
Ardabus Rubber – Friday 2PM to 3PM
Tasha Zimich – Saturday 11AM to Noon
DeeTen - Saturday 3PM to 4PM

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