Bartholio 2

The latest collaboration between tattoo artist AshMadeThis and the Disart ToyLabs will enchant the children of the 90's. The Bartholio custom bootleg is inspired by Ash’s hugely popular pin badge design of the same name. The figure has been booted by Disart’s Tru:Tek from a vintage 4" Beavis bendy toy, with an originally sculpted Bart head from NolanJP

The Bartholio OG Hand Paint Edition has been hand cast in a hard resin and hand painted by Ash. Each figure comes bagged with a custom header and will run £25.00 (about $43).

Also, the Bartholio “Naked Bart” and “Naked Beavis” jumbo keshi editions (keshi-style rubber) will be available for £10.00 each (about $17).

The figures will debut in limited numbers at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this Saturday, July 19th 2014. Open pre-orders for all 3 versions will be up for grabs from the AshMadeThis web-store on July 21st 2014.

Bartholio 1

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