Axe Of Gold 1

Neo-vintage resin action figure makers Bigmantoys and Rampageo Industries are teaming up to release a toy set heavily inspired by 16 bit gaming, MOTU, and all things barbarian.

Axe of Gold Wave I consists of the Battlebeak mount, Battle King rider, Dwarf thief, and accessories (depending on the version you purchase). The Battle King rider is produced by Rampageo Industries, while everything else has been produced by BMT.

The pre-order will run from July 11th until July 18th 2014. Production will start after the pre order period.

Sets will be available from Bigmantoys store and The DoomKick sets will ship out of the US and include The Battlebeak Mount, Rider, Sword, Thief in blue, and Potion. The BMT sets will include the Battlebeak Mount, Rider, Sword, Thief in green, and Joint of Meat. Each set will be available for $110.00.

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