Scary Larry Mint

This Friday - Friday the 13th - Enjaypee Productions and Disart ToyLabs will present the debut release of their latest horrific creation - Scary Larry. Drawing inspiration from the work of legendary GPK artist John Pound (primarily his early Eerie Eric sketches) the 2.5" tall piece has been produced by Tru:Tek at the Disart ToyLabs in an authentic keshi-style rubber.

The first wave is set to feature two limited editions (“Pocket Monster” Neon Purple and UK “Bargain Doll” Mint) of five pieces each and four open-run made to order colorways (“Bargain Doll” colors of flesh, green, red and blue). They will be available either separately as singles or as a full set.

All 6 versions will be unleashed on the Man-E-Toys Store this Friday, June 13th 2014 at 9PM London Time (4PM ET). They will run $30.00 each or $90.00 for the 4 piece set. Pre-orders for the “Bargain Doll” colorways will close on Friday, June 27th 2014 at 9PM London Time (4PM ET).

Scary Larry Promo

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