Daniel Yu recently released a number of new figures - in limited editions - for collectors to snatch up.

Daniel Yu Crawdad Stealth

The Crawdad Kid Clear Edition
This OMFG! Series 1 alumni is now in it's 19th colorway. The 2" tall figure is available in a crystal clear edition. You can pick one up for $7.00 (free worldwide shipping).

Daniel Yu Crawdads

The Crawdad Kid Clear & Flesh Bundle
Make a dinner of Crawdads... This bundle includes the original Crawdad Kid flesh colorway and the Clear Edition. Pick 'em up for $10.00 for the pair (free worldwide shipping).

Daniel Yu Cthulhu Stealth

Oi! Cthulhu Stealth Edition
The 6-inch Oi! Cthulhu is cast in a smokey clear resin. Featuring 2 magnetic interchangeable hands and rotating wings, the figure can be purchased for $55.00 (free worldwide shipping).

Daniel Yu Cthulhu Stealth 2

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