Leavitt Lincoln

Sculptor Mike Leavitt is releasing one of the first series of conceptual pop art to 3D-print and deliver to your doorstep. Leavitt is now offering his Star-Wars-themed Gandhi, Lincoln and Martin Luther King political satires to buy on demand. The 4-inch to 5-inch figures can be printed in candy-apple plastic, stainless steel, bronze, and solid gold with the 3D-printing service Shapeways.com.

Leavitt Gandhi Leavitt MLK

Mike's "Empire Peaks" wood statue series debuted at New York's Jonathan LeVine Gallery in late 2013. Before opening night, he had the largest wood statues scanned by a local hi-tech medical engineering firm. And now you can purchase one of the 3D-printed pieces, ranging in price from $29.00 to $21,000.00 (yesh...that's gold).

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