Erick Scarecrow has announced the latest releases from the ESC-Toy collection. 

ESC Little Axe Dio

The Little Axe Dio by Moriya x Erick Scarecrow is limited to only 5 pieces worldwide. Each handpainted resin figure is signed and numbered by the artists. Each one comes with a removable mask and Truth Teller Axe weapon for $200.00.

ESC UC Pastello

The Upchuck Pastello by Erick Scarecrow is a 5.5" resin figure that comes with a 3.5" resin doll vomit accessory. The edition size is only 15 pieces worldwide and runs $55.00 each.

ESC PB Waves

The Pretty Boi Waves by Erick Scarecrow is a 6" tall hand painted resin figure. This is the 11th colorway for the collection, and it sells for $55.00 each.

ESC WX clear resin

Finally, here's a Don't Starve WX custom sneak by Erick Scarecrow. For the lucky few that backed Klei x ESC Chester plush project, this is a sneak of the upcoming WX-78 Erick Scarecrow Exclusive.

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