Turnaround Ph42

It's not often that you receive an email from a toy robot that is threatening to end your world. Here's what I received from the PH-42 robot, which apparently will be released in two versions in the near future.

Hello human,

My name is PH-42. I am here to inform you that your destruction is inevitable! Soon I will be releasing a legion of robot soldiers to destroy your world.

Before I unleash my fiery vengeance on your planet I am giving you the opportunity to save yourself by helping me to build my robot army. Soon you'll be given the opportunity to purchase one of these 2 unique vinyl robot soldiers: PH-42 (modeled after myself) and DIY-01. Not only do you get an amazingly detailed 7"(17.80cm) Robot Solider but by purchasing a robot soldier you guarantee your own survival.

Please keep these lines of communication open, as more details are soon to follow. Save your pennies now as only YOU can prevent your own obliteration.

Turnaround DIY01

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