Patrick Wong MPC60 1

Patrick Wong has released his 3" tall limited edition resin toy entitled MPC60 (after the legendary sampling drum machine of the same name).

The Akai MPC60 is so iconic, it made the perfect jump-off point for this series. I want to make a genealogy of samplers from the late 80s to 2000s such as the SP1200 and Maschine, marking an evolution of both in technology and music. So much of the music I grew up with was produced on these machines and that why I have dubbed the series: The machines that made a sound of a generation

The MPC60 resin toy is limited to a run of 30 pieces, available for $35.00 plus shipping at Patrick's Shop. Each figure comes with a numbered card, accessory break record (Incredible Bongo Band).

Patrick Wong MPC60 2

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