PAPAs 2013 Sculpting

We start out the 2013 Plastic and Plush Awards with the Best Sculpting Award. The top five examples of excellent sculpting work are listed below:

HT Monsters University Vinyl 01

5. Mike, Sulley, and Archie Monsters University Set by Hot Toys

We've seen a whole lot of figures based on Mike and Sulley from the Disney/Pixar Monsters films. Hot Toys vinyl statuette is one of the higher end collectibles from the Monsters University film license.

OMFG Series 3

4. OMFG Series 3 by October Toys

The third go-round of the OMFG line might be the best...or it might be the third best, depending on your opinion. One thing I do's another example of great sculpting work on small scale figures.

3A Real Steel Atom

3. Real Steel ATOM by 3A Toys

When Ashley Wood takes on a robot, good things happen. And even though the sixth-scale ATOM figure wasn't his own design (it was from the film Real Steel), it's one of the most complex sculpting efforts I've seen. Lots and lots of individually connected parts.

TCP Tide Pool Stinky Ginger 01

2. Tide Pool Stinky Ginger by Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus

From artist Chris Ryniak and the T+CP collaborative, the Stinky Ginger vinyl featured the best sculpting work for a vinyl figure in 2013. There's just a ton of details ,which you usually don't see on this type of platform. It really brings Mr. Ryniak's artwork to life...

HT Joe Colton 13

**WINNER** 1. Joe Colton (G.I. Joe) by Hot Toys

Hot Toys is well-known for taking this award year after year. They're one of the best at sixth-scale sculpting and providing equally excellent paintwork. And when it comes to replicating an actor's likeness, they're nearly untouchable. The Joe Colton, from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, features the likeness of Bruce Willis.  

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