2013 Best Packaging

Choosing the best toy packaging is always a different venture. Is it the most attractive? The best to display? The easiest to open? Well, here are five examples that run the gamut...

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Leo Corazon 07

5. Leo Corazon by Mystical Warriors of the Ring

This DIY packaging from the Mystical Warriors of the Ring resin series is nice and simple. But it also features a ton of artwork, various character cards, and even a ticket stub from the big wrestling match.

Monsters University Cosbaby 02

4. Monsters University Cosbaby (S) Series by Hot Toys

Here's an example of an easily displayable box that you can hoist up on a shelf and not worry about having to dust six individual figures. Also, not pictured, the rear of the box features some fun, stylized artwork of the Oozma Kappa characters from Monsters U.

Blind Cowboy 01

3. Dark Cowboy In Service of Him - Super Dead Equine Set by 3A Toys

First off...i swiped this photo from luvlifetoys.blogspot.com because I was too lazy to find the box in my attic and take a photo of it.

The Dark Cowboy is a great example of a box being a piece of art. The cover could be framed and hung on your wall. Of course, there is an actual print stowed away on the inside...so Iguess you can just keep it in your attic.

Captain Action 05

2. Captain Action Wave 3 by CAE and Round 2

It was a very close race for the number one slot. The Captain Action Marvel series is an excellent example of packaging that emotes nostalgia. The retro feel to the boxes make them some of the most attractive packaging of 2013.  You're probably not going to display them, but they're fun to look at.

Sideshow Boba Fett 02

**WINNER** 1. Boba Fett (Star Wars) by Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow seems to always be on this list...but I was surprised to look back and see that their Star Wars line has never taken the title of best packaging from Plastic and Plush. It has excellent photos of the figure on all sides. There's detailed information about the character on the inside. And you get some character stills from the Star Wars films on the back. Plus, it's easy to open (not so easy to display) and features those nice magnet clasps to keep the box shut.

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