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Bombastic Fantastic has announced the first Lolligag vinyl art toy - Vive La Lolligag. "Vive La Lolligag finds Lolligag reimagining herself as Marie Antoinette, complete with a pink wig and gown, lollipop and fan".

Limited to a run of 250 pieces, the 6-inch scented** vinyl figure includes Lolligag's best friend, Moot, as a bonus figure. Look for Vive La Lolligag to retail around $36.00.

For wholesale inquires, contact DKE Toys.

**I've smelled a lot of "scented vinyl" and they are usually over-hyped. Hopefully Bombastic Fantastic has been able to succeed where many others have failed, and produce a scented toy that keeps its scent.

Lolligag 2 Lolligag 3

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