Seymour Tri Kami 2

Seymour (Peter Kelk) has finished his first resin release. The piece is called Tri-Kami and it measures 7" tall. It's entirely hand sculpted, molded, cast, painted, and includes handmade custom packaging.

The Tri-Kami is made up of 3 rotating sections, so you can create lot's of variations. This color edition is all brush painted and coated with a clear lacquer.

This edition is limited to only 10 pieces. Each one will be available through email. The first 10 people to email Seymour at and confirm purchase starting at Noon AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on January 25th 2014 (9PM ET on January 24th, if my calculations are correct).

Each piece runs $300.00 plus shipping from Australia.

Seymour Tri Kami 1

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