disarticulators oozeball claw

The Disarticulators have announce the full release of the Ooze-Claw. Created as a display stand for both the Ooze-Ball and MoD, the two-part rubber piece will be available in 4 different colorways chosen to match past Ooze-Ball releases:

• “Original” neon green and pink
• “Vintage”
green and pink
• “Stealth”
• "Crystal"
clear cast in special premium rubber

They'll be available on their own for $14.00 each ($18 for Crystal), or can be purchased with a matching ball for $38.00.

disarticulators oozeball

There will also be two super-limited Ooze-Ball and Claw runs alongside the main release. The Cosmos Alien Ooze-Ball & Claw set has been cast in a dark green with a silver marble. Limited to an edition of just 5 pieces, each one will run $40.00 plus shipping. And there will be a number (although no run size announced) of One-Off Micro Run Ooze-Ball & Claw sets, featuring a mix of two and three tone marbles with matching display stands. They will be available for $45.00 plus shipping.

You'll be able to pick these up in the Man-E-Toys store today (Wednesday, January 15th 2014) at 9PM London Time (4PM ET).

The Disarticulators

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