Scion Secret Clubhouse 1

Scion AV Installation presents Nik Dudukovic “The Secret Clubhouse”. For this exhibition, and what he has created, Dudukovic goes on to explain:

Utilitarian quality goods that honor the history of clubhouses. Their implied elegance, exclusivity and strange juxtaposition of forms, create the greatest disquiet. The goal with my installation is to create items that stand on their own as accessible limited products, yet work together as a package as well. I would like to create a fictional clubhouse, with items that are given as a package to its members, such as jackets, Zippos, hats, notebooks, etc. Everything that would belong to the initiated.

A series of paintings that take their cues from the items (and their graphics) will also be produced. The exhibition is on view through February 1st 2014.

Scion AV Installation
7667 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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