Taylored Curiosities Gibblegump Okemordyn 1

This is Penny's (Taylored Curiosities) finished piece - A Gibblegump Nest - for the ‘Around the World in 80 Toys’ exhibition, taking place during February/March 2014 at the Espionage Gallery. Part of her Okemordyn range, this one of a kind exhibition piece is described by the artist below:

I have combined nature, needle felting, sculpting, casting, painting and imagination to create a real mixed texture piece. The mother Gibblegump and all three different sized babies are removable. The babies sit inside their nest pods and the mother is resting on a leafy bed. You'll notice this Gibblegump is sitting rather than standing like my previous release. There will be some pieces similar to this, but smaller and each individual, at ToyCon UK in April along with the full blind box series of all four Okemordyn creatures.

Taylored Curiosities Gibblegump Okemordyn 2

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