Mikie Graham Demon Ranger 2

Mikie Graham will be taking part in the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Show being held at Toy Art Gallery (December 7th 2013). For the show, he created a 30" Power Ranger custom - Demon Ranger - as well as 12 mini canvases using the Great Gosei mold he created for the figure. Each 4"x4" mini canvas includes the Gosei held on by magnets.

Mikie Graham Great Gosei 1

All of these will be available to purchase at the show or online.

Here's how Mikie describes his work on the Demon Ranger:

I did my best to keep the original shape of the iconic power ranger figure, tweaking the sculpt as little as possible... that being said, you may notice a few changes.

First off I removed "the Great Gosei" mask from the Ranger's belt, molded him, then added my resin cast Gosei masks to four key locations on my design. I choped off the origional face to sculpt in the new snake face (including 2 real teeth) then using the Ranger's original face I mounted it to his back to create the bug looking demon that you can see from behind. Finally a few minor sculpted details transformed the Rangers feet into monsters of their own.... shoes that Gene Simmons himself would be envious of! The rest was all hand painted using the contours of the rangers body as my guide. To finish him off I gave his massive cyclopean eyeball a good dose of gloss spray giving it that realistic wet look.

Mikie Graham Demon Ranger 1

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