Bad Teeth and Double Haunt have set up a Kickstarter campaign to produce a vinyl version of their Mini-Cheestroyer toy. The recent resin releases of the figure have all sold out, so they've taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for a 4.5-inch vinyl with articulated head and waist joints.

Pledges starting at $35.00 AUD (about $31), can pick up a vinyl Mini-Cheestroyer in a variety of options: Glow in the Dark, Crystal Clear, and Clear with Guts. Other pledge rewards include hand-painted resins, clear resins and copies of the Cheestroyer comic book. Stretch goals include a variant head for the toy and a micro figure of the original "Cheese" character.

This project will only be funded if at least $5,500.00 AUD is pledged by Thursday December 12th 2013 at 10PM ET.

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