Mordles Rand

Today (November 21st 2013) the Mordles return with four brand-new editions, including the debut of the Jumbo Mordle.

In June 2013, Toyfinity Toys brought back the Mordles, launching a reproduction of the original ten Mordles (originally from Ideal Toys' 1980's game Rocks and Bugs and Things) with improved plastic and paint applications in six brand new editions.

Mordles Underworld

The following are set to be released today:

Sect Of Rand Edition - Red (10 figure set for $10.00)
Underworld Edition - Black (1 figure for $1.00)
Explorer Edition - debut of Zintar the Explorer Mordle (10 figure set for $10.00)
Imbalance Of Blood Edition - debut of the Jumbo Mordle (4" tall vinyl - $15.00)

Mordles Explorer Mordles Jumbo

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