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With the release of their Snow Series 1, The Original AJ’s Toy Boarders has expanded their boarding empire from skateboards to snowboards. Similar in appearance to those unforgettable little green army men, the Toy Boarders – Snow Series 1 features eight different designs (some more action-packed than others) bagged with a header card.

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The Facts

Toy Boarders – Snow Series 1
Series: The Original AJ’s Toy Boarders
Manufacturer: Alfa-Row Inc.
Material: Injection Molded Plastic
Dimensions: Around 2” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: 8 Poses - Big Air, Switch, Rail Slide, Rail Grab, Tail Grab, Cruising, Bomber, and 180
Pricing: $5.95/pack of 24

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The lot of 24 figures comes bagged with a header card. The header card features simple silhouette illustrations of the poses, accompanied by their names, on the rear of the card. The front of the card has the AJ’s Toy Boarders logo.

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Our Opinion

Most people have played with or know someone who played with those little green army men. They were a cheap staple of toy collections since the 1950’s, and are still readily available at supermarkets and dollar stores. AJ’s Toy Boarders pay homage to those toys, although with a non-violent, more sports-oriented spin.

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You always knew those army guys would have some extra plastic on the top of their head from where they were hastily pulled from the injection molding. But that was part of the appeal. And it’s part of the appeal with the Toy Boarders.

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You get three of each figure, and sometimes that same sculpt/mold can produce figures that look very different. It’s possible to find one with the face of The Toxic Avenger and another one that looks perfectly fine. It’s all part of the fun.

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And while there are no moving parts, kids with surely love to play them. I can see the snowboarders being unknowing victims of an avalanche or a yeti. Sort of like extras on a film set.

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A number of the sculpts look similar to each other. I’m guessing that’s because you don’t have much mobility when you’re locked into a snowboard. I would have liked to see a sculpt that’s relatable to me…maybe some guy fallen down in the snow with a torn ACL. I will mention…the ladies are represented in this series, as there is one female snowboarder.

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I think the most important aspect of the Toy Boarders is the price. A pack of 24 figures runs $5.95, which is essentially $0.25 per figure. Not a bad deal, especially considering most of the items we review here fall into the $10.00 to $200.00 range. If this were the 1980’s and I had a hard-earned quarter lying around, I would have definitely popped it in a toy vending machine at the local Laneco in an attempt to get one of these.

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You can pick one of these up at the following:

AJ's Toy Boarders: $5.95 per 24 pack

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