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polyopticsLABs presents "the worlds first self aware exploration rover". The V.e.r.a.1 (Vulpes Exploration Rover Alpha 1) features more than 30 assembled parts. IT includes working lights in the eyes and main radar body, with an On/Off switch and replaceable battery. And there's a removable head access panel to display inner workings.

polyopticsLABs vera1 1

All V.e.r.a.1 models are made by hand from scratch part by part, one unit at a time. This results in a unique look to each model which means you can expect subtle differences from what is show here. That includes weathering patterns in paint application and forehead identification number decals.

Due to the intense amount of creation time, quantities will remain limited with pre-orders in groups of 20 pieces. Orders will be filled as soon as possible, with an ESTIMATED maximum wait time of 120 days. You can pre-order your own right here for $135.00.

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