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Toy Art Gallery has announced details about the Strange Days group show. Featuring Itokin Park, Brent Nolasco, Martin Ontiveros, Josh Herbolsheimer, Michael Pro, and Shirahama/Yatsuashi, the show includes vinyl toy editions, one-off customized pieces, sculpture, 2D paintings and drawings, and more!

Strange Days will also see the debut of two new TAG-produced vinyl toys: Bloodthirst by Brent Nolasco and Rotting Reaper Corpse from Michael Pro. Both will available in very limited quantities.

The Strange Days opening takes place on Saturday October 19th 2013 from 7PM to 10PM, and the show runs through November 6th 2013.

TAG | Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046

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